Terms and conditions

Of the Surf school Biarritz Surftraining

Our general conditions of sale apply to all our surf courses in Biarritz as well for the packages with accommodation.

Art 1 : Sign Up

Any registration within the establishment of Biarritz Surf Training will be made on the basis of the registration form. It must be completed by parents or legal guardian if the participant is underage, or by the person concerned if they are an adult. Parental permission for underage students is required. Registration for our surf courses and/or training leads to the acceptance of this Regulation.

Art 2 : Payment and settlement terms

All registrations must be accompanied by a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the service to be validated. Payments are made by transfers, cheque or cash. The remainder of the payment should be delivered on the first day of class by cash (for other means, please contact us). Cancellations made within 15 days before the first day of your stay will lead to loss of the deposit.

Art 3:  Surf Courses in biarritz Cancellation

In case of bad weather (lack of waves, sea too strong, pollution, …) if the surf courses in Biarritz can not be conducted as part of the package subscribed above, the customer will be notified of any cancellation by phone or SMS asap. He will then receive a credit corresponding to the amount committed during the booking activity. This credit can be used for a subsequent booking or refunded upon request by mail. No additional compensation will be paid. A deliberately unattended surf course will not be refunded. Should the participant decide to end their stay before its final date, it will not be refunded.

Art 4: Cancellation by the participant

Several reasons can prevent the participant from enjoying the expected stay at the expected date. In that case, the cancellation will depend on the conditions written below:

-Any cancellation requested by the participant more than 30 days before the course due date will lead to a complete restitution of the deposit paid.

-Any cancellation requested by the participant less than 30 days and more than 15 days before the course due date will lead to a loss of the total amount of the deposit (30% of the total sum)

-Any cancellation requested by the participant less than 15 days before the course due date will lead to the payment of the total cost of the stay. In the case of a medical problem, it would have to be justified, and only 50% of the total cost will have to be paid.

-Not showing up to a course or renouncing to it is considered as cancelling, and leads to a payment of the total cost of the stay.

-Lessons and courses that did not take place because of the participant will not be refunded. A course started and interrupted will not be refunded. It is mandatory to let us know by writing to us, in case of any cancellation or modification.

Art 5 : Responsibility of our Business

Biarritz Surf Training participants will be under the responsibility of our qualified instructors during their surfing lessons. They will be again under the responsibility of their parents or guardians after the end of the surf course.

The civil responsibility of Biarritz Surf Training on its pupils stops outside of these surfing hours, within the period described previously. Before leaving their child in the custody of Biarritz Surf Training, parents have to ensure that the service provided does take place (in case the surf course is cancelled due to bad weather for example). It is strongly recommended for students not to leave valuables in the locker room (money, watches, phones, …).

Biarritz Surf Training is not responsible for lost or stolen objects on its premises. Biarritz Surf Training cannot be held responsible for any moral hazard or material damage (whether accidental or deliberate) caused by third parties while participating in the activities. Our commitment is only limited to the services we provide.

Biarritz Surf Training may exclude without compensation any participant whose attitude goes against basic safety principles and good morals. Any wrong behavior which would impair the physical or moral integrity of one or more participants and/or of the supervisor,  or would endanger the health and lives of other participants, his own life and / or that of the supervisor, will be reprehensible.

Art 6 : Insurance

Biarritz Surf Training certifies that it is fully covered by a professional insurance. It covers the risks related to its activity. In case the participant thinks that the guarantees offered by Surf Training’s insurance are not appropriate in view of our activity, they must take out additional guarantees on their own.

Art 7 : Commitment of the School

As part of the package chosen, Biarritz Surf Training is committed to providing quality services in terms of accommodation, education, supervision and safety in line with the needs of the pupils. Similarly, the necessary equipment (wetsuit, boards, …) will be provided to members during surf hours. Our surf course follows the charter of “the Association of French School of Surfing.”

Art 8 : Commitment of the Participants 

By entering Biarritz Surf Training, adults or underage surfers and their parents accept the risks associated with the practice of surfing in normal conditions.

The trainees must declares themselves to be healthy, to be able to swim 25 meters and capable of surfing. The participant agrees to respect the rules and safety instructions specific to Biarritz Surf Training and certifies not having any contra-indications, medical or otherwise, in order to practise the activity purchased. Under no circumstance may Biarritz Surf Training be held responsible for any consequences whether physical or otherwise, resulting from the failure to report contra-indications.

Art 9 : Transportation of trainees (if using a vehicle as part of services offered) 

The Surf School is committed to provide transportation for trainees in accordance with the regulations: – drivers license needed
– Vehicle covered with necessary insurance
– respect of the maximum number of passengers
– clean vehicle and in good condition (mandatory reviews)

Art 10 : General provisions Art 9.1: Image Rights 

When registering, you allow Biarritz Surf Training to use photos and / or movies of you which are made during your stay, for the fulfillment of all promotional materials, without financial compensation.