Our general conditions of sale apply to all our surf lessons in Biarritz but also internship with or without accommodation.

Art 1: Registration

Any registration in the Biarritz Surf Training structure will be done from the registration form. It must be duly completed by the parents or legal guardian if it is a minor. If it is an adult, this must be the duty of the person concerned. Registration for our courses and/or internships implies acceptance of these rules.

Art 2: Payment and terms of payment

Any registration must be accompanied by a deposit equal to 30% of the total amount of the service to be validated. Payments are made by credit card, bank check, holiday voucher or cash. The payment of the balance must be made on the first day of the internship by bank or postal check, holiday voucher or cash. Any cancellation occurring 15 days before the date retained will result in the receipt of the deposit.

Art 3: Cancellation by Biarritz Surf Training

In case of bad weather conditions (lack of waves, too strong sea, pollution …), the customer will be notified by phone as soon as possible. He will then receive a credit corresponding to the amount of the sums incurred when booking the activity. This credit can be used for a subsequent reservation or refunded on request.
No additional compensation will be paid.

Art 4: Cancellation by the trainee

Various reasons may prevent the trainee from making the stay on the scheduled date, the cancellation will be subject to the conditions set out below:
– any cancellation of the course occurring more than 30 days before the date of the beginning of the course entails the return of the deposit paid;
– any cancellation by the trainee occurring less than 30 days before the start date of the internship entails the loss of the total amount of the deposit (30%);
– any cancellation on the part of the trainee occurring less than 15 days before the date of the beginning of the internship entails the payment of the entire stay, except in the case of a justified medical problem, only 50% of the service will be due;
– the no-show and / or the renunciation of the stay equivalent to a cancellation, will result in the full payment of the stay.
– courses not taken by the customer will not be refunded. An internship started and interrupted because of the intern cannot be reimbursed.
It is mandatory to notify us in writing of any cancellation or modification.

Art 5: Responsibility of our structure Biarritz Surf Training

The trainees will be supported by Biarritz Surf Training and under the responsibility of the state-certified professional instructors at the beginning of their surf course in Biarritz. They will again be under the responsibility of their parents or guardians after the end of the benefit concerned.

The civil liability of the Biarritz Surf Training structure concerning its trainees ceases outside these hours, within the deadlines described above. Parents must before leaving their child in the Biarritz Surf Training structure, ensure that the planned service takes place. It is strongly discouraged for trainees to leave valuables in the changing rooms (money, watch, telephone…). Biarritz Surf Training declines all responsibility in the event of loss or theft of its objects on its premises.

Biarritz Surf Training can in no way be held responsible for any moral damage or accidental or intentional damage caused to the participant by third parties during the activities. The commitment is limited to the only services provided.

Biarritz Surf Training may exclude without compensation any participant whose behavior would be contrary to safety standards and morality. Any act affecting the physical or moral integrity of one or more participants and/or the supervisor, endangering the health and life of the other participants, his own life and/or that of the supervisor, will be sanctioned.

Art 6: Insurance

Biarritz Surf Training certifies that it has taken out professional insurance covering the risks related to its activity. In the event that the trainee considers that the guarantees offered by the insurance of the Biarritz Surf Training structure do not suit him, it is up to him to take out additional guarantees.

Art 7: Commitment of the Biarritz Surf Training school

As part of the chosen formula, Biarritz Surf Training undertakes to provide services in line with the needs of the trainees (quality of reception, teaching, supervision and security). Similarly, the necessary equipment (wetsuit, boards …) will be provided to members during the hours of surf lessons in Biarritz. Our courses respect the quality charter of the “Association of French Surf Schools”.

Art 8: Commitment of members

By registering with Biarritz Surf Training, adult surfers as well as minor surfers and their parents, accept the risks associated with surfing under normal practice conditions. The trainee declares to be in good health, to know how to swim 25 meters and able to practice surfing. The participant undertakes to respect the internal regulations as well as the safety instructions of Biarritz Surf Training. He declares that he has no contraindications, medical or otherwise, to be able to practice the subscribed activity. Under no circumstances can Biarritz Surf Training be held responsible for any physical or other consequences, resulting from the absence of a declaration of contraindications.

Art 9: Transport of trainees

(In case of use of a vehicle as part of the services offered) The Surf School undertakes to ensure the transport of trainees in compliance with the regulations in force: drivers with the necessary license, vehicle insurance coverage, compliance with the maximum number of passengers, clean vehicle and in good condition (mandatory revisions).

Art 10: General Provisions: Image Rights

By registering, you authorize Biarritz Surf Training to use the photos and / or films of your image made during your internship, for the realization of all advertising documents and this, without financial compensation.

Art 11: Additional conditions for the Club Formula

Any registration for the Club Formula is open for one term and will be done from the registration form provided for this purpose. The interested party then undertakes to take the 10 surf lessons of the Formula Club on Wednesdays and / or weekends (depending on the opening periods of the school) during the term covering his registration and only during the months of April to June, and from September to November. Courses cannot be postponed from one term to another or from one year to the next.

Courses that have not been carried out at the initiative of the trainee will not be carried over to the following year. They will also not be refunded to the customer. A Club Formula started and interrupted because of the trainee cannot be refunded.