Biarritz surf training our philosophy !

Surfing and its practice convey essential values ​​for Biarritz Surf Training.
The force of nature dictates its law and we must constantly remember that it is stronger than us.
The unpredictable, the unknown, the spontaneity of the waves that are born in front of us and show that we are nothing reminds us to remain humble. The essence of surfing is to tame the unpredictable. Knowing how to read the ocean and its waves, knowing the relief of the seabed, the strength of the currents, the influence of the wind are all required skills. Because knowing how to surf is not done in a day, you have to know how to pass and juggle the phases of progression, euphoria and stagnation.
In addition, the efforts related to the practice of surfing combine work of endurance, resistance, speed and power. The surfer is an accomplished sportsman.
Surfing also teaches you to respect your body; warm-ups and recovery are essential to link the sessions but surfing also teaches respect for others and safety rules. Finally, surfing is an activity of sharing, letting go and building self-confidence.

In short, surfing is a life lesson !


Who are we ?

Since 1987, Biarritz Surf Training has been welcoming and training surfers from all over the world.
We are committed to sharing our passion for the ocean and this discipline, learning with a smile in a warm atmosphere.

To surpass oneself, to have self-confidence, to progress and above all to have fun!

Find us on this exceptional spot, in the heart of Biarritz, which is the Côte des Basques beach, to live a unique surfing experience with us !


Safety in our school for your surf lessons

Biarritz Surf Training offers surf lessons to learn how to surf safely.

The school is registered with the Departmental Directorate of Youth and Sports under number 06496ET0144.
All our instructors are above all Lifeguards and hold the State Patent Option surfing.
Biarritz Surf Training is also affiliated to the AESF, association of French Surf Schools, whose goal is to federate schools that wish to adhere to a charter combining quality and safety.

Safety in the water

The ocean is still a wild environment with its subtleties but especially its dangers. Above all, it is necessary to remain cautious and attentive in the waves, for pleasure, safety and that of others.

Rule 1: Surf at your level

If you are a beginner, stay in the mosses or small waves. Use a foam board and protect your head in case of a fall.

Rule 2: Don’t panic if you’re caught up in the current

Do not try to swim back to the edge, stay on your board and wave your arms to alert the emergency services.

Rule 3: Clever Surf

Choose waves adapted to your level and avoid crowded spots. Never surf in stormy weather. Protect yourself from the sun by using sunscreen.

Rule 4: Respects bathing areas

Surfing areas lie beyond the red-spotted green flags.

Rule 5: Respects priority and usability rules

Basic rule: 1 wave = 1 surfer. The surfer furthest inside the surge has priority. Don’t throw yourself into a wave if there’s someone in front. Don’t let go of your board while making ducks. Avoid collisions: bypass the surge zone to get offshore.


Like any unstable natural environment, the ocean carries risks. As a result, surfers undertake as of right to monitor each other and to assist each other in case of danger.