This page is dedicated to the questions we are frequently asked, so that your questions do not remain unanswered. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information about your surfing stay in Biarritz!

Is the material provided?

Yes in any case. The suits are assigned to you according to your size and water temperature. The boards are adapted according to your level. Biarritz Surf Training offers quality and scalable equipment.

What should I bring for my surf holiday?

In addition to your clothes for the duration of your stay, you need a sleeping bag and your beach and toilet towels. For everyone, we recommend sunscreen and a hat for a successful surf holiday in Biarritz.

Who gives the surf lessons?

State-certified instructors and Lifeguards supervise you in groups of up to 8 people (see the Team section).

How many hours of surfing per day?

The number of classes per day varies according to the chosen formula.

What if I’m a beginner?

Our school offers initiation, training and improvement courses in surfing and bodyboarding. Beginners are therefore welcome. The sea conditions in which you surf are of course adapted to your level. We carry out level groups whenever possible and our instructors teach you the basics of surfing.

From what age can you learn to surf?

From 5 years old, the main thing is to know how to swim. For formulas with accommodation within the Surf Camp, you must be at least 14 years old.

Is there an age limit to start surfing?

No age limit (fortunately), we have adapted and scalable equipment, it all depends on your physical condition and your attendance.

Do I need insurance?

You must have individual liability insurance covering the practice of surfing, know how to swim 25 meters and have no contraindication to the practice of surfing.

SURF TRAINING, is it all year round?

From April to November.

What happens outside of school hours during a weekly internship?

For minors, free time is managed by a team of animators graduated from the BAFA. The program of the day is reserved for surfing of course but also for rest (well deserved), various activities such as beach volleyball, Basque pelota, swimming and idleness on the beach or shopping in town.

The activities can also vary depending on the surf news in Biarritz (competition, projection …) For the evenings, it is always by mutual agreement and with supervision that they are organized.

What time are the classes in the day?

For the quality of the waves, it all depends on the tide and the size of the swell. In general, the best wave conditions are mid-rising tide.

Are there special rates for groups?

Yes, and they are degressive. The easiest way is to contact us, we will help you organize your surf holiday in Biarritz.