Initiation 1st lesson and Beginner:

Your learning starts first on the beach to assimilate the safety instructions and the basic gestures. You will learn how to get carried away by a foam in a lying position with your board, then you will assimilate the righting movement to finish sliding in the foams standing on your board.


You have acquired the ability to stand up in the foams. You are looking for speed control and a first trajectory first in the mosses and then in waves of 0.5m to 1m. You will learn to analyse the sea conditions and your environment, your objective is to get to the line up in waves of 1m to 1.5m, to do the duck, to do your take off and to follow up with a direction. You want to control your speed with a good management of the supports.


You anticipate the wave breaking, the take-off is acquired and you paddle with efficiency, you know and respect the rules of priorities and conviviality, you surf in safety for you and the other participants. You have a good sense of positioning and you control your speed. Your objective is to get out to sea in waves of 1.5m to 2m by getting around the breakers while helping yourself to the current and knowing how to duck. On the waves you will try to control your trajectories to relaunch yourself and follow the longest distance by using the whole height of the wave.


You master the take off and the change of trajectory at the bottom and top of the wave. You are at ease in waves of 2m and more. You are looking to master your maneuvers to gain speed and amplitude.