1st lesson :

Surfing for the first time! Your apprenticeship begins on the beach, where you’ll learn the safety instructions and basic moves. You’ll pick up the foam with your board, find your balance and discover your first sensations.

Beginner :

You’ll quickly learn the first steps for gliding upright in foam and then on small, smooth waves. You’ll be able to stand up in the foam. You’re looking to control your speed and take your first line. You’ll learn to analyse the conditions.

Intermediate :

A surfer who knows how to get out to sea and control directions. You have the basics of straightening up and taking trajectories. You’re starting to look for speed by managing your leverage. You can anticipate how the wave will break and you know the rules of priority and user-friendliness.

Confirmed :

You know how to take off and row efficiently. You know how to get out to sea by skirting around breakers and using the current to your advantage. You can control your trajectories to get back on the wave and cover the greatest distance. You have a good sense of positioning and you are gaining speed.