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In view of the many requests for July and August 2019, please check the availability of the desired package.

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Our surf lessons are organized by level groups, so it is important to properly assess yours. Here is a detailed description to help you:


Initiation 1st course :
your learning will begin first on the beach to assimilate the safety instructions and basic gestures. You will discuss the rules of practice for the activity. You take a foam with your board and you seek balance. First lie down and then stand up, reproducing the righting movement you will have exerted on the sand with your instructor.


Beginner :
you quickly learn the first steps to slide upright in foams then on small waves. You become autonomous in your sequence of catch of foam or small wave and recovery. Your recovery in the foams is acquired. You are looking for speed control and a first trajectory. You learn to analyze the conditions.


Intermediate :
you start to go offshore, mastering your board and spotting the practice areas. You have the basics of righting and leaning in small, non-crashing waves and you want to progress with lane changes, and downforce management to generate speed or stop. The monitor positions you and helps you optimize your wave catch. You anticipate reading the surge of the wave and you know the rules of priorities and conviviality.


Confirmed :
the take-off is acquired, you row with efficiency. You know how to get out to sea by skirting waves and using the current. You try to control your trajectories to get back on the wave and follow the greatest distance. The instructor helps you in your choice of waves, you have a sense of placement and you gain speed.