The Team

that manages your stay

A surfing stay in Biarritz ?

Surftraining and all of its team are there to help you make your surfing stay perfect. Our team of professionals is committed to a safe and high quality offer.

Our surf instructors are all state graduates (BEE surf) and speak English as well as Spanish. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced, adult or child, they will share with you their passion for surfing.

Groups are up to 8 students for 1 instructor, they will help you in order to have the most suitable equipment for your level and sea conditions. They will guide you to choose the best place to surf during your lessons. As everyone does not progress as his own rhythm, they will make individual corrections. Finally, they will be in the water with you to encourage you and help you to take the best waves.

On the Côte des Basques beach, where we have a “cabana” with changing rooms and showers. The staff will help you to register yourself, give you lessons and tides schedules and informations about the rental.

For your surfing holidays during the school holidays, a team of BAFA graduated animators supervise the teenagers for the inter-surf and the evenings.


Who are we ?



Philippe Beudin

Philippe Beudin was born in Biarritz, he is one of this generation who saw surfing arriving on the beaches of the Basque Country. At this time, there were no schools and it was all well and good, helped by the older ones, that he learned to surf. After several years traveling the world he returned to the country to make his passion his trade. Professional for more than 25 years, he puts his experience and know-how at the service of others.

Nora Beudin

Nora Beudin handles customer relations and communication as well as schedules, registrations and accounting. She has under her authority a dedicated team – employees and trainees – who help her coordinate everything to make your stay as smooth as possible!

Louis Castel

Louis is a child of the Basque Country who never left his native land. He started out with a body board and it was not until he was 19 that he started surfing. This sport quickly became a passion and he decided to make it his job. Louis is an attentive teacher who will help you get into the waves!

Nathan Curren

Coming from a surfer family, Nathan grew up on Biarritz beaches. He took his first wave at 8 and got sponsored by Quicksilver a few years later. After four years in the European professional circuit, he decided to live with his father in California. At 22, he joins the Biarritz Surf Training team to pass on his experience and his passion for surfing.

Ghita Ballouk

We know how sating yourself between surf sessions is important! Let’s introduce you Ghita,  our chef who cooks so well that we cannot resit long to the odors she makes emanating of the surf camp. Originally from Marocco, Ghita learned on the job. This is his sixth season in Biarritz Surftraining, for the pleasure and taste buds hapiness of all!

Elodie Zeimet

Animator for 8 years and Rémoise of origin, Elodie sets the tempo of her seasons between mountain and sea. Passionate of great spaces and the riding sports it offers, she decided to exchange her snow board for a surf board last summer.