Surftraining: Surf School Biarritz

BST Teaching Methods

Each surf camp develops its own specific educational focuses and teaching methods. Here we decided to focus on the importance of the educational values ​​of Surf Training. Our teaching staff is composed of a central director, an assistant manager, two qualified instructors and two surf instructors. This team coaches the students for their entire stay. Our surf school therefore plays host to a diverse, multilingual and multicultural clientele who all come to enjoy the same thing; surfing waves on the magical Cote des Basques.


• Encourage the student’s independance
• Promote individual responsibility
• Create and foster interpersonal skills
• Discover the oceanic environment
• Increase awareness about environmental protection
especially regarding the Atlantic Ocean


1. When surfing

• Adapting your movements to different types of environments and waves
• Adapting behaviour to immediate constraints: reading and analysis of the ocean
• Making progress when standing on the board
• Use the correct posture when riding waves
• Being initiator of the ride: master the trajectory

2. Community life

• Contributing to the quality of life (tidiness, cleanliness)
• Looking out for everybody’s well being (respecting others, their sleep, their intimacy)
• Contributing to the group life (life rules, bedtime, community activities)
• Participating in developing the content of activities
• Contributing with personal ideas

In an environment like this, surfing contributes significantly to the physical and emotional development of the students. The relationship aspect and the educational support will be, or so we hope, a marker in the construction of their personality. The lessons learned after a week spent at our surf school Biarritz will not be forgotten quickly.

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