Equipment: Surf Lessons at Cote des Basques

Whether you go for several courses or for a full  package, the equipment – board and wetsuit – is provided.

Boards : For All levels

Biarritz Surf Training not only provides you with quality teaching staff and surf lessons at Cote des Basques, but also with over 100 surf boards BST is able to provide you with equipment tailored exactly to your level.

For beginners, we offer foam boards mounted with flexible fins, made in France.
With surf lessons at Cote des Basques coupled with boards ranging from 1m 80 to 2m 70,  you will get an easy and safe introduction to surfing.

For more advanced surfers, we have boards in epoxy resin or polyester with sizes ranging from 5.6 to 9 feet.
With so many different boards, we are able to adjust the board to your level but also to the tide and the height of the waves.
Thanks to the sheer size of our equipment stock we can cater all levels of skill.


Surftraining has invested greatly in westuits in order to provide each student with one that suits their taste and fits comfortably. So don’t worry, there’s one for you here too!

For your own personal comfort, we have a wide selection of RIP CURL© wetsuits (shorty for the summer period or full body integrals during the colder months) are always available for classes.

For hygiene reasons, wetsuits are rinsed after every use with disinfectant.

Taking surf lessons at Cote des Basques with Biarritz Surftraining is an excellent way to develop your love and enjoyment you get out of surfing. So come on, what are you waiting for? Book with us today!

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