The Surf camp staff at Surftraining Biarritz

Philippe Beudin

Philippe was born in Biarritz. He belongs to the generation who saw the first surfers turn up on the beaches of the Basque Country.

At that time, there were no surf schools, so he had to learn on the job how to ride waves. He spent several years travelling all around the world, then came back to his home country to make a job out of his passion.

He has been a professional instructor for over 15 years now he has acquired a strong experience and expertise in teaching surf.

NORA beudin


Teenagers under 18 are supervised round the clock by our surf camp staff, a team of activity leaders who keep them busy during their free time and evenings. 
At the beginning of the stay, the surf camp staff organizes outings with the kids depending on the major surfing events (competitions, screenings) scheduled by the city of Biarritz. The surf camp staff also organize all sorts of games and quizes both on and off the beach.
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