Biarritz Surf Training: Surf and bodyboard School

Confucius, a Chinese philosopher, once said: “He who is not progressing every day, regresses every day.” We’re now far from the time when you got slapped on the wrist for making a mistake.
At Biarritz Surf Training, only the notion of progress counts.

Here when you make a mistake, the worst that can happen to you is falling off your board. But no worries, our attentive surf instructors will be there. They won’t be able to prevent you from falling, but they’ll tell you why you fell and help you build on your knowledge so that you will improve after each and every session!
Biarritz Surf Training needs a few things from you so we can make your experience an unforgettable one: a will to keep going and a good deal of patience – surfing is one of the rare few sports which gives you an intense feeling of pride and after even the smallest progress, from finding your balance, to standing up and finally catching that perfect wave!

is here to help you progress in not only your skill level, but also in appreciation for this tricky sport through watching the many surf competitions that take place in Biarritz each summer and other activities.

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